A crisp, clean, full sound is what you will get when working with KP. Advanced mixing and mastering techniques will give you that broadcast quality you need in todays competitive music industry. Let 10 years of experience do the back end work while you create your next hit song.

Mixing - $40/Hr

(Expect 2-5 hrs. - Includes Master)

  • Stereo Imaging & Panning for Fullness

  • EQ Un-Needed Frequencies

  • Clean Kick & Bass Parellel Compression

  • Pitch Correct & Autotune for Vocals

  • 72 Hour Turnaround Time

Mastering - $50/Song

  • Post EQ

  • Multiband Compression

  • Exciter

  • Maximizer W/Limiter For Loudness

  • 48 Turnaround Time

Sample Work

Milwaukee, WI

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