Old School Vs New School


While I am going to be more biased towards old school hip-hop, I wanted to break it down and see what might be better or worse and compare the two. As I write I am referring to musical content and not money status. As most of us know Tupac and Biggie are the greatest rappers of all time. I tend to lead towards Pac taking the crown but love them both and even know deceased (RIP), they live with us today.


Now we have our old school artists and groups such as Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, Dipset, EPMD, Outkast, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Snoop Dogg, and the 2 greats I mentioned before. For our new school we have Drake, Asap Rocky, Cardi B, 21 Savage, Young Thug, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and Fetty Wap. Now of course both categories have more artists I didn't mention, but these are the main ones that stick out to me. Though I like songs from both eras, there are some things we can breakdown to compare.

​​ Top old school ALBUMS were mainly good from the start of the CD to the finish. New school MIXTAPES tend to have 1-3 songs on them I actually like. Technical advances has enabled newer artists to create on demand and put out a lot more content a lot quicker. With the ease of recording now anyone can be a rapper or singer, this has caused the overall music put out to be watered down causing the quality of music to fade over the last decade. A lot of songs now sound similar with the hard bass, melodic rapping, and jibberish rap style; a lot of trap music now. Old school rap is focused more on the lyrical content.  Many songs now you can't understand what they are saying. I understand there is always going to be slang and made up words, but it is over the top now. Although I am not a fan of this rapping style for the most part, the beats are always banging. Newer beats are heavy with the 808's whereas older beats used more natural bass. Advances in mastering techniques and software has giving tracks now a much louder presence. The loudness alone makes newer beats pop on a different level. 

      Although I am a fan a many newer artists, old school hip-hop lost its presence around 2008-2009. That is also when Wayne fell off in my book. As old school met new school things started to change. Lastly, budgets for music videos have dropped dramatically as well allowing a lot more artists to break through much easier. Not to mention the advances in social media where the next star can be made overnight. Well I thought it would be fun topic to write about and would love your feedback. For the record I think Chicago rap is the hardest out right now and Milwaukee is next!!!

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