Genevieve Heyward: A Rising Star

Singer-Songwriter Genevieve Heyward has been paving her way to stardom, not allowing anything to get in her way; have you heard of her? Well even if you didn't happen to stumble upon this article, you would eventually hear her sweet tunes flowing into your area . Having seen Genevieve play many times, she really is a natural crowd pleaser with a soothing voice that puts all of your worries and woes at ease.

Genevieve has been gigging up and down the coast of Lake Michigan for some years now and recently expanding her brand across the country. She recently flew out to Los Angelos for a mini tour with experienced rock star Eric McFadden and Wisconsin singer-songwriter, Tae. Eric invited the young phenoms out to record and play at few popular venues such as The Ivy Room and Broadway 19. We caught up with her after her recent trip and she told us, “these trips out of state have really helped me grow as a musician and gain exposure to a whole new fan base”.

Check out Genevieve's new music video off her debut album "It's Not Like Anyone's Listening" - Directed by Reagan Masini

I hope you enjoyed that, we were very impressed! She plans to release her second un titled project around June 1st; she is currently putting the final touches on it at a studio in Sturgeon Bay where she recorded it. She also recently covered and released a single called "Cold War" that may be on her new project, you can listen to it on all major outlets.

Other than Gen's upcoming release, new music video, and nationwide travels, she is also in the midst of putting together her own band. They will be called Genevieve Heyward & The North. She plans on playing mainly her originals, but may write some new material with them as a group. I know we are very excited to hear her with a full band since she usually plays solo or with a featured guest. Make sure you stay in tune with what Genevieve is doing as we think a big break may be right around the corner for her. We have included her social media links below so you can be the first to know about Gen's musical journey!

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Milwaukee, WI

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