Branding Like A Boss

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Your brand could very well be more important than your newborn baby girl. Well that may be a little extreme but you get what I mean. It represents you, your business, and everything in between. It doesn’t just pop up one day out of nowhere, it develops with as you provide a service or product to your clients; and it better be done well or those big dreams of yours will vanish quickly. You should really think how your brand is viewed from a strangers point of view. You know what you represent and what you can provide, but can they get the idea quickly? This all starts with a simple yet catchy logo.

A logo is very important and should be done as soon as your brand is indendifiable. At this point you more than likely have a track record and feel confident in what you provide or sell. You also are probably making money, or at least a little side cash. Think colors, think lifestyle, think about what they end goal is. You want it to have a nice symmetrical shape, limited writing, and easy to see when shrunken down in size. Usually drawing a rough sketch will be good enough to provide to an artist or graphic designer. I cannot draw by any means, well other than Dragon Ball Z characters, but a very talented artist nailed my logo for me; Mike Fogelberg Art. Another local designer Fenix Willow Advertisingalso does great work; supporting locals is a great way to help build the arts and entertainment community.

Now that you have your logo and identity, make sure you setup your social media pages if you have not done so already. I am firm believer in keeping all your profile pics the same on all platforms, this would be a good place to use that new crispy logo. Not necessary at first, but having your own website is also a very good idea. This is your home base where you can direct all traffic to so people can see what you do, your prices, services, and/or products. I use Wix, it is very user friendly when creating and they even have their own email marketing built in which is super important. Content content content is what you will want to be posting on these different outlets. Get creative and keep things simple. Don’t always try to sell, rather make your posts fun and engage-able for your audience; tell a story.

Even though we are very much so in a digital age, don’t overlook the merchandising aspect. Get some stickers made up, t-shirts, hats, etc… This is free advertising your family, friends, and clients can provide for you; let them show their friends and family. Word of mouth is always the best way to gain new clients within your community; don’t lose sight of the human interatction piece. Also a note; add QR codes to some of your material as it can be a very effective way to direct people exactly where you want.

Some other noteable things you should be doing are running ads on social media with latest promotions, or just cool posts you feel will be engaging enough to get sufficient organic traffic. Make high quality videos to share about your latest trip or how you got to the point you’re at; people like stories. Go out and attend networking events, shows, festivals where you think your best audience would be. Do all you can to make yourself known in this big world, get creative, stay passionate. If you want it bad enough and keep knocking at the door, you will break through and do great things. Now go out and show off your new baby girl!!!


Milwaukee, WI

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