Big Linx: From Then Til Now

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Big Linx was born in Gary, IN and raised in Milwaukee, WI. After moving into the Uptown area, his family settled on the 2500 block of Center and 50th street. He grew up listening to artists such as Scarface, Jay-Z, Eightball, & Jadakiss; they greatly influenced his style along with is brother King Rufus. Some years went by and he decided to start his musical journey at the age of 14. He started out as a producer in a group called Grind Gang with his brother. After about 6 years producing, he took more of an artist role realizing he can flow nice with a unique delivery and word play that is still very apparent today.

Big Linx has been making big waves recently on the Midwest music scene. His latest video “Where You At” hit 7,500 views within the first 2 weeks; all organic. Big Linx & King Rufus new album “Hustler Dreams” is a 19 track masterpiece with features from Dot Com, Killa Ken, DB Midwest, Big Kannon, Young Biddy, & Galena Slim; is available on all digital streaming platforms. Within the first week of the release it hit 3,000 streams, which is pretty amazing considering many more established local artists have nowhere near that or even have music properly released for that matter. Below is his latest video directed by Famous Motion Film and engineered by KP Productionz.

We recently sat in on an interview with him at 91.7 WMSE on the Boogie Bang Show (you can listen to his full interview below) and a couple things he mentioned really stood out to us. He said “I’m probably the best or most lyrical rapper in Wisconsin by far." He also said "if you're from the city, I'm not charging for features right now" so hit the homie up if you're looking to get those fire bars on your next project. At the end of the day, collaborating is a great way to expand both artists' audiences and show unity within the community. Be on the lookout for new music, videos, and shows from Big Linx; I know we will be supporting. You can like his facebook page at Big Linx or follow him on instagram at @therealbiglinx.

Listen to Big Linx full 91.7 FM radio interview here (starts at 1:17:22)

Milwaukee, WI

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